Mar 252013


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 The Battle of Supremacy- Young v Old or Brave v Bold

Anyone familiar with the golfing saying “I let my clubs do the talking for me”? As the rivalry continues between Tiger and Rory for the position of world number 1, there is one player whose clubs are somewhat silent as Tiger takes over the top spot today.

Rory’s decision not to play at last week’s Bay Hill tournament, will be vindicated if he can win the Master’s next month. However it may be viewed as a little disrespectful to Mr Palmer, after The King’s achievements in golf and what he continually contributes to the sport. Furthermore, Rory is now a Florida resident and given the choice of watching your girlfriend play tennis in Miami or taking part in Mr Palmer’s tournament could only have been made from the heart. Did Rory feel that he could not beat Woods over four rounds at Bay Hill?

Could the mantle of World # 1 be too heavy for Rory’s shoulders to carry? The endless demands for his time are hard to reject, but when Rory puts his mind to it, he gets the job done and blows the field away by several shots. Is it now time for Rory to take a leaf out of Tiger’s book and reclaim top spot?

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