Apr 122013

Totally disgraceful comes to mind or perhaps something a little stronger regarding the decision to penalise Tianlang Guan at the Masters today. The decision taken by John Paramor( European Tour Rules Official ) will send shock waves around the world. We have a fourteen year old boy who is playing in the biggest tournament of his young life, many miles from home with his school books and he gets a decision like this. I was of the understanding that children were being encouraged to take up sport and put down the play station. Tianlang has to be commended for his attitude in his post round interview today where he spoke beyond his years and is a credit to his parents and nation. Mr Paramor will no doubt be sitting down to his 5 course a-la-carte meal this evening washed down with the beverage of his choice and not caring a jot.

Paramor also penalised the late and great Seve for slow play on two occasions. Seve refused to alter his scorecard and was susequently disqualified from the Italian Open.

Fingers crossed that Tianlang makes the cut and goes on to win low amateur.

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